Ballet for Adults

During the course, we will gradually get acquainted with the basics of classical dance: positions of legs, arms and elements of a ballet vocabulary such as demi-plié, battement tendu, arabesque. These are first tested at the bar and then transferred to space.
Ballet develops flexibility and strengthens the whole body, even those muscles you don't even know you have. It also proves music perception, graceful movement and promotes proper posture.

Ballet for children
In this course, children learn to playfully perceive their bodies, perceive and follow the music in a playful way.
Gradually they will learn the elements of classical dance. They stretch and strengthen the muscles of the whole body. Ballet develops aesthetic sensibilities, supports proper posture and, most importantly, brings joy.

Meet our incredible Ballet lecturer - Anna Homola.

After graduating from the Prague Dance Conservatory, she was engaged in the Josef Kajetán Tyl Theatre in Pilsen, then in the North Bohemian Theatre in Ústí nad Labem and, in the last pace, in the National Theatre – the Laterna Magika ensemble.
With the company Festival Ballet Prague, she performed around Europe with The Nutcracker and Swan Lake – she danced the black swan, Odilia.
Anna performed with the dance group Brazil Show.

During her career, she devoted herself to pedagogical activities in several dance studios.


Actual Schedule

Ballet _ Beginners

2500kč / course

Start - 7th of February
End - 11th of April 

Every Monday

Time - 19.00-20.00

Free Open Class - 31st of January

For the Open Class participants - 5% discount.


10 classes / 1 hour