Rhetoric / Speak Up

...Possibilities of working with voice ...
The course, which is created on an interlanguage platform, will open the door for you to learn what voice means and how to use it, regardless of your native language. We will examine in detail, breathing, working with the diaphragm, the resonance of our body, screaming, whispering. We will focus on all the bodily processes you need to know during theatrical work with your voice.

*For Youth & Adults

LUCIE INGROVÁ studied drama acting at the Janáček Academy of Performing Arts in Brno. She is a regular guest at the Buranteatr and Feste Theater in Brno. In Prague, she collaborates with the Chemical Theater and the Forman Brothers Theater. In addition to theatre and film acting, Lucie specializes in moderation and stand up comedy.

She started studying rhetoric in 2014 and since then more than 800 people have taken her courses.


Actual Schedule

Tuesday / 18.00 -19.00 

Youth / Adults

*available also for expats (Czech Language - level A2+)