Voice Jam

Voice Jam is a space of rhythm, melody, joy of sound.
We´ll explore the techniques, the authenticity of your voice, and will be inspired by musical excerpts and pieces from all over the world. You´ll learn how to really open up your voice to its fullest. You´ll get not only the right technique but also will have enough space for improvisation.

Antonia Nyass is a Czech musician & singer. Among her projects, you can find the music band Yellow Sisters or Moss Alba.

Antonia will teach you to really open up your voice to its fullest.

Come and share your joy from singing with others. We look forward to meeting you!

*For Adults 


„My love for voice – his sound and rhythm, that’s what I am really passionate about for a very long time. You can experience it in my theatre plays, music which I compose, basically in everything I do. Voice is an amazing instrument full of thousands of tastes and smells. Voice is joy and passion.“ (Antonia)


Actual Schedule

Voice Jam 


Start - 7th of February
End - 11th of April 

Every Monday

Time - 20.00-21.30

Free Open Class - 31st of January

For the Open Class participants - 5% discount.

10 classes / 1.5 hour