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We speak  #Czech #Russian & #English / #ласкаво просимо

#2023 / 2024

New Enrollment 2023 / 24

We invite new students of all ages to join our classes. 


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ArT Platforma!

We speak Czech, Russian & English

#ласкаво просимо

Juliana Berezhnaya, the Head of ArT Platforma

Dear students, parents, and all involved, I would like to express my sincere gratitude for your trust and support.

In these times of uncertainty and significant change, we are here to continue believing in the potential of every individual and the transformative power of art.

ArT Platforma has always stood for humanistic principles. There is no space for aggression, discrimination and disrespect.

We are a multicultural space. We proudly embrace diversity, with students and educators hailing from various nationalities including Czechs, Russians, Ukrainians, Belarussians, Slovaks, English, French, Chinese, Kazakhs, Tatars, Portuguese, and many more.

 We don't categorize people based on gender, nationality, language, or religion.

Our stance against any form of war is unwavering, and as such, our hearts beat in support of Ukraine, the Ukrainian people, and all advocates for peace.

Make ART - not War! 

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Auteur Theatre TEATR FORMA‣

Performing Arts Education ‣



art PLATFORMA | Creative LaB

An independent project of inspiring collaboration in various art forms. ArT PLATFORMA is more than a new theatre stage, but a crossroad of theatre, modern dance, performing arts and multimedia. 

The TEATR FORMA Theatre, being the resident of the Lab, determines its main direction as a constant search for new theatrical, poetic and physical forms.


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Our studio is situated on Drtinova 10, Prague Smíchov

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Mluvíme česky / We speak English / Мы говорим по-русски / Ласкаво просимо


There is a freedom and generosity to Juliana's personality that has led to many fruitful collaborations: a poetry/dance project Fallen with live violin music at the Artspace in Prague in July 2018, and the event of Fusionism created by visual artist Shalom Neuman that Juliana participated in and which was performed in Poland, as well as in Prague in 2017 and 2018.
In each collaboration, Juliana took part in, fully engaged, passionate and very supportive. She has the capacity to lead her students to great heights, as well as a performer to inspire them to give their best.
I would highly recommend her to any creative endeavour and wish her much success in any future projects.

Dagmar Spain

Dance educator, Choreographer, Writer (Germany, USA)

I want to express my great admiration and respect for Juliana Berezhnaya. She is a remarkable professional. In the time I’ve known her I can unequivocally say that she’s proven to be extremely creative, inspiring and reliable. 

Shalom Neuman

Artist (USA)

ArT Platforma is a place where you are accepted and supported. On Acting for Life training, you are led to find a connection with your body and emotions, and it´s so valuable in the time we live. It´s a very deep work with the body blocks, voice, breath. You feel the difference even after the first class. Attention is paid to everyone, so you feel like a big part of the process. I would be glad to come back again and again.


Inna Levian


It opened a new world for me, that I could hardly ever imagine. Listen to your inner voice, and you´ll find a way how to be creative and happy. Thank you a lot to everyone, and special thanks to Juliana.

Anastasia Gates


Our Prices



1 Month Membership /  1800 CZK 


1 day a week / or up to 8 hours per month


*Teatr LaB Kids (4-6) / 1xweek, Theatre Lab / 1xweek




1 Month Membership  2600 CZK 


2 days a week / or up to 16 hours in a calendar month 


*Teatr LaB Junior (7-11) / 2xweek, Teatr LaB Youth(11-16) / 2xweek




Monthly Membership 2900 CZK 


For those who are passionate about theatre & creativity, want to advance in acting skills, and to be a part of our TEATR FORMA community.



Theatre production rehearsals (2-4 days a week), Participation in performances on a big stage (Director - Juliana Berezhnaya ), Acting & Movement Training, Access to individual practice at the studio


ArT Special

Acting for Beginners Saturday Course


10 sessions x2 hours / 5800 CZK



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