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TEATR FORMA: Juliana Berezhnaya's Auteur Theatre

Juliana Berezhnaya - Europe-based opera, drama & film director. With extensive practical knowledge across disciplines, she collaborates with global artists and companies. Juliana's recent accomplishments include her exceptional contributions to the Vienna Opera Academy, where she served as a distinguished member of the faculty. Her expertise in acting and movement training has nurtured the talents of budding artists and professional singers alike, enriching their performances during the Vienna Opera Festival held at the iconic Musikverein. Collaborations with luminaries such as the world-renowned tenor Jesus Leon, and accomplished conductors Toby Purser and Alessandro Pagliazzi, have yielded unforgettable renditions of E. Humperdinck's "Hänsel und Gretel" and A. Mozart's "Don Giovanni". It should also be noted that the participation in the project was implemented with the financial participation EU through NPO and the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic. 

A luminous highlight in Juliana's career is her remarkable partnership with the esteemed Berlin Opera Festival. The operatic masterpieces of A. Mozart's "Die Zauberflöte" and G. Puccini's "Suor Angelica" and "Gianni Schicchi" were brought to life at Berlin Alte Münze venue. Beyond the stage, Juliana's artistic prowess extends into the realm of cinema, where she has directed the thought-provoking sci-film "Clarimonda". Juliana's artistry transcends borders, as evidenced by her participation alongside fusionism pioneer Shalom Neuman. Together, they embarked on tours, captivating audiences in Estonia, Poland, the Czech Republic and beyond with their mesmerizing Fusionism Event. Further showcasing her boundless creativity, Juliana's collaboration with the esteemed German-American dancer and choreographer Dagmar Spain has given birth to the project "Fallen". This fusion of talents has yielded a work of art that invites viewers to explore the depths of human expression. Juliana Berezhnaya's innovative spirit continues to inspire her students and the audience, transcending artistic boundaries.


Russian Institute of Theatre Arts / GITIS, Moscow

Musical Theatre Directing

Master of Arts / Graduation with distinction


Film Academy of Miroslav Ondříček in Písek, CZ

Feature Film Directing


Drama Academy at Youth Theatre  of Uzbekistan, Tashkent

Two-year drama course


Juliana is a follower of Vsevolod Meyerhold’s avant-garde traditions, Alexander Tairov’s ‘synthetic theatre’, Roman Viktyuk’s esthetic school and her own sense of form and spirituality of art. She works in a multidisciplinary manner, creating an artistic form at the intersection of drama, movement, and emotion, all blended together. Her productions are sharp in form and profound in content. Combining symbolism with Russian psychological theatre her own distinctive language was born. Spoken word is important but becomes secondary to the physicality and the visuals of the performance itself. She is interested in the non-canonical, non-realistic genres, oriented to the beauty of the artistic form, visual esthetics and depth of the substance.


The TEATR FORMA laboratory is aimed at intensive development in the area of theatre art, creation of a performance/creative project on a large stage or in front of the camera.

Creative interviews are required for new members.

It´s recommended to combine the classes with Acting for Life training and other creative disciplines in ArT Platforma.

*International environment

The final performance languages - Ru, Eng, Cz

Led by Juliana Berezhnaya

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TEATR FORMA / Selected Projects

· Le Roi se meurt / Exit the King / E. Ionesco - Divadlo Kolowrat, Prague / CZ

. Love, Lies & Family Ties / adaptation of Francois Ozon's film script 8 Women

. A Midsummer Night's Dream W. Shakespeare play adaptation - Divadlo na Prádle, Prague / CZ

· Seagull A. Checkhov play adaptation -  VNITROBLOCK stage, Prague / CZ

· Snow Tale musical performance -  Divadlo na Maninách, Prague / CZ

· Kryloff - show I.Krylov fables adaptation  Prague, Brno - CZ / Munich - DE

· Eugene Onegin -  online Zoom theatre production based on A. Pushkin´s excerpt accompanied by I. Stravinsky "le sacre du printemps".

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JULIANA BEREZHNAYA, creative core & visionary  

Theatre and Film Director/ Drama Teacher & Acting Coach / Scriptwriter / Artistic Performer​


Juliana Berezhnaya was born in Tashkent, Uzbekistan. From her early years, she was connected with theatre and art. She began her journey in the world of performing arts at the renowned Youth Theatre of Uzbekistan, located in her hometown of Tashkent. This early involvement with the theatre laid the foundation for her passion and dedication to the creative world. She continued her education as a musical theatre director in Moscow, Russia (under the mentorship of the significant Ukrainian director Roman Viktyuk). After graduating with distinction, she obtained directing experience in Television and Film. Since 2013 Juliana has been working and creating in Prague, Czech Republic. She pursued her education in the field of film direction at the Film Academy FAMO, where she gained valuable insights and skills related to the art of filmmaking. Her dedication to her craft led her to create her own film "Сlarimonda".

For many years Juliana is a Creative Core & Visionary of the ArT PLATFORMA. She creates her author projects and collaborates with artists and creative platforms all over the world. Moreover, Juliana is an exceptional educator and inspiring coach who nurtures talents, cultivating true potential in individuals. It is with great honour that we emphasize her significant role as a faculty member at the Vienna Opera Academy, which further attests to her remarkable contributions to the worldwide performing arts arena.