JULIANA BEREZHNAYA / Creative Core & Visionary

Theatre and Film Director / Drama Teacher & Acting Coach / Scriptwriter 


ArT Platforma (former Art - Centr MOST) is an independent international centre for adults and children based in Prague, the Czech Republic. It was founded in 2012 and aimed to build bridges as a symbol of interconnections between people of different cultures living in Europe. The purpose of the centre was to create a live dialogue between native citizens and expats, to get to know the cultural traits, language and history of the Czech Republic, representing the uniqueness of other cultures, preserve the cultural identity of each representative; to exchange and expand creativity beyond national borders. A series of multicultural art events, concerts, creative meetings, workshops and other activities had been held.

Starting from the year 2016 Juliana Berezhnaya (Musical Theatre & Film Director) became a new owner and a creative core of Art-Centr MOST s.r.o. The Center got its new name – ArT Platforma and headed towards a live pulsing creative and educative space blending various artistic genres: theatre, dance & movement, cinema, multimedia, performance, music and visual art on one stage. It ́s an independent platform for professional education in performing arts and theatre for all ages; a creative multidisciplinary artistic residency for intercultural collaboration with the main credo: “Each creativity matters...”

Juliana Berezhnaya - Europe-based opera, drama & film director. With extensive practical knowledge across disciplines, she collaborates with global artists and companies. Juliana's recent accomplishments include her exceptional contributions to the Vienna Opera Academy, where she served as a distinguished member of the faculty. Her expertise in acting and movement training has nurtured the talents of budding artists and professional singers alike, enriching their performances during the Vienna Opera Festival held at the iconic Musikverein. Collaborations with luminaries such as the world-renowned tenor Jesus Leon, and accomplished conductors Toby Purser and Alessandro Pagliazzi, have yielded unforgettable renditions of E. Humperdinck's "Hänsel und Gretel" and A. Mozart's "Don Giovanni". It should also be noted that the participation in the project was implemented with the financial participation EU through NPO and the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic.  A luminous highlight in Juliana's career is her remarkable partnership with the esteemed Berlin Opera Festival. The operatic masterpieces of A. Mozart's "Die Zauberflöte" and G. Puccini's "Suor Angelica" and "Gianni Schicchi" were brought to life at Berlin Alte Münze venue. Beyond the stage, Juliana's artistic prowess extends into the realm of cinema, where she has directed the thought-provoking sci-film "Clarimonda". Juliana's artistry transcends borders, as evidenced by her participation alongside fusionism pioneer Shalom Neuman. Together, they embarked on tours, captivating audiences in Estonia, Poland, the Czech Republic and beyond with their mesmerizing Fusionism Event. Further showcasing her boundless creativity, Juliana's collaboration with the esteemed German-American dancer and choreographer Dagmar Spain has given birth to the project "Fallen". This fusion of talents has yielded a work of art that invites viewers to explore the depths of human expression. Juliana Berezhnaya's innovative spirit continues to inspire her students and the audience, transcending artistic boundaries.

art PLATFORMA. Creative LaB. | Pillars of our existence  

An independent project of inspiring collaboration in various art forms. PLATFORMA is more than a new theatre stage, but a crossroad of theatre, modern dance, performing arts and multimedia. TEATR FORMA Theatre, being the resident of the Lab, determines its main direction as a constant search for new theatrical, poetic and physical forms. MAKE exciting artwork and to TAKE a creative risk, to FIND new artistic forms and to INSPIRE others.

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