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art PLATFORMA: Acting LaB. Performing Arts Education for Adults.

Acting for Life

- creativity development training. Based on a system of exercises and practices for developing the memory of the five senses. Leads to the awakening of the body, voice, mindfulness, emotional intelligence.

It's the basis for the training of professional actors, as well as a practical tool for everyone's self-development.
Each training is unique. The dynamics and intensity are selected in accordance with the individual capabilities and priorities of each group.
The program was developed on the basis of practical knowledge in the field of theatre, cinema, dance, yoga, psychology, philosophy and professional experience working with people of different ages. Gained skills and knowledge becomes your daily work tool.


 “Know your nature and discipline it” - K. Stanislavsky

Timetable & Reservation

Acting for Life Training is created for adults & youth aged 16+

Levels: Beginners & Up

There are groups suitable for all experience levels.

The classes are held in Russian, Czech & English languages.

*International environment

Led & Created by Juliana Berezhnaya 

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    Rhetoric                        Acting for Life           CONTEMPORARY


                                                               IMPRO                          Voice Jam

                    Acting on Camera   

                                                    Street Dance              TEATR FORMA  


The TEATR FORMA laboratory is aimed at intensive development in the area of theatre art, creation of a performance/creative project on a large stage or in front of the camera.
Creative interviews are required for new members. It´s recommended to combine the classes with „Acting for Life“ training and other creative disciplines in ArT Platforma.

*International environment

The final performance languages - Ru, Eng, Cz

Led by Juliana Berezhnaya

TEATR FORMA / Selected Projects

· A Midsummer Night's Dream W. Shakespeare play adaptation - 

Divadlo na Prádle, Prague / CZ

· Seagull A. Checkhov play adaptation -  VNITROBLOCK stage, Prague / CZ

· Snow Tale musical performance -  Divadlo na Maninách, Prague / CZ

· Kryloff - show I.Krylov fables adaptation  Prague, Brno - CZ / Munich - DE

· Eugene Onegin -  online Zoom theatre production based on A. Pushkin´s excerpt accompanied by I. Stravinsky "le sacre du printemps".


Directed by Juliana Berezhnaya

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Actual Schedule

Tuesday / 19.00 -20.00

Acting for Life / Intermediate-Advanced

Thursday / 18.00 - 19.00

Acting for Beginners_Course

Friday / 19.00 - 20.00

Acting for Life / Beginners-Intermediate

Saturday / 17.00 - 19.00

Acting for Life / All Levels

Tuesday / 20.00 - 22.00

Friday / 20.00 - 22.00

TEATR FORMA LaB_Rehearsal 

Our Courses

Acting for Beginners_Mini Course

Price 2000kč / course

Start - 28th of April
End - 16th of June
Every Thursday 
Time -18.00-19.00

Open Class - 21st of April

*we speak Czech, English & Russian / Ласкаво просимо


Acting for Beginners_Saturday

Price 3800kč / course

Start - 30th of April
End - 18h of June
Every Saturday  Time -13.00-15.00

Open Class - 23rd of April

*we speak Czech, English & Russian / Ласкаво просимо