JULIANA BEREZHNAYA,  welcome to my world of Theatre..

Theatre and Film Director / Drama Teacher & Acting Coach / Scriptwriter / Artistic Performer



Juliana Berezhnaya was born in Tashkent, Uzbekistan. From her early years, she was connected with theatre and art. She continued her education as a musical theatre director in Moscow, Russia. After the graduation with distinction, she obtained directing experience on Television on main Russian TV Channels. 


Currently, Juliana is a Creative Core & Visionary of the art PLATFORMA International center (former Art-Centr MOST) Prague, Czech Republic.




2000 - Drama School Youth Theatre of Uzbekistan, Tashkent.


2008 - Russian Academy of Theatre Arts GITIS, Moscow / Musical Theatre Directing Department / Roman Viktyuk´s  supervision

/ Opera by G. Puccini Il Tabarro. 

2015 - Film Academy of Miroslav Ondříček in Písek, CZ / Feature Film Directing Department Short feature film Clarimonda (2016).

Юлиана Бережная -  руководитель, арт-директор и режиссёр Лаборатории

Творческий путь Юлианы начался в Ташкенте, в Молодёжном Театре Узбекистана. Ученица Романа Виктюка, с красным дипломом окончила Московский РАТИ (ГИТИС) режиссёрское отделение, факультет музыкального театра и Академию Кино имени Miroslava Ondřičkа в Чехии. Долгое время работала режиссёром на телевидении (ОРТ, НТВ, ТНТ и др.). С 2014 является рукводителем, идейным вдохновителем и режиссёром art PLATFORMA (ранее Art-Centr MOST).

art PLATFORMA. Creative LaB. | Pillars of our existence  

An independent project of inspiring collaboration in various art forms. PLATFORMA is more than a new theatre stage, but a crossroad of theatre, modern dance, performing arts and multimedia. TEATR FORMA Theatre, being the resident of the Lab, determines its main direction as a constant search for new theatrical, poetic and physical forms.

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If you are an independent artist and wish to share your creative passion for artistic collaboration with other artists, we welcome you! We invite local and international artists and artistic groups of different ages and from all walks of life to share their passions and creativity. MAKE exciting artwork and to TAKE a creative risk, to FIND new artistic forms and to INSPIRE others.