IMPRO LaB & Alžběta Nováková - Improvisation classes for adults in ArT Platforma.
 We´d like to introduce to you a new discipline, that will give you the key to your inner freedom of using your body & voice leading to a true improvisation. We´ll concentrate on different IMPRO techniques, combine the individual work with group activities.
We´ll work in a multicultural, multi-language space, regardless of your native language.

 Alžběta graduated from DAMU, Prague. She is an experienced educator, actress, singer & performer. She is a member of the new circus theatre V.O.S.A, a founder of musical theatre formation Vlkabaret, Teatrofon, and Vlčí Dama.
 You´ll learn the contrast of freedom and structure, tension and relaxation, voice & body connection.

Let´s be inspired together!


Actual Schedule

Impro LaB course

Price - 3750kč/course

Start - 2nd of February
End - 6th of April 

Every Wednesday

Time - 19.00-20.30

Free Open Class - 26th of January

For the Open Class participants - 5% discount.

10 classes / 1.5 hour